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Affordable 3D Anatomical Content

The Plasticboy Anatomy 3D Model collection has been gradually developed since 2008 by our team of industry professionals, with the primary goal of creating a reasonably priced, entry-level, yet high quality, "plug-n-play" content offering.

Over the years we've paid close attention to industry demands and responded by regularly upgrading the collection. In recent times upgrades have focused primarily on technical aspects such as rigging, cross-platform software compatibility, and most recently Physically Based Rendering (PBR) 3D anatomy models that are specifically designed for integration with game engines such as UNITY and UNREAL.

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We help fast track your project by delivering "out-the-box" working solutions at a reasonable price.


Without a doubt the best bang-for-your-buck entry-level solution.


A simple, once-off license fee for a lifetime of unlimited usage.


100% REFUND at any time after purchase if you're unsatisfied.


We've worked with the best.

We've been supplying anatomical content for over 15 years. As such, our 3D models come with a proven track record, having been used extensively by a broad range of clients, including Ivy League Universities, medical institutions, software development firms, game developers, publishers, animation studios, Hollywood VFX houses, and illustrators to name a few.

Throughout the many interactions with our clients we've received a great deal of feedback about our work. We actively invite these customer observations as this strengthens our ability to continuously refine our collection.