Here are some of the popular questions we get asked about our anatomy 3D models. 


Are your 3D models anatomically accurate? 

While we've done our best to create accurate models, as an "entry-level" solution, the process of constructing these models was not done under the guidance of any medical professionals. Rather, the models offer a reasonable depiction of the human anatomy suitable for conveying basic anatomical principles. We advise customers to be very weary of the claim of having "accurate" anatomyical models, as this is something that is not easily acheived. If a very high level of medical accuracy is vital to your project, please get in touch with us so that we can refer you to our sister company which has created a far more sophisticated set of models for high-end applications. support@plasticboyanatomy.com  


Does your license agreement permit the creation of content for sale?

Yes and no... Our standard license permits the creation and selling of various types of content, except for "stock content". Stock content refers to 2D renders and animations, as well as the re-selling of our models for other 3rd party use. Using our models to create unique video content for a specific client is allowed, as is the creation of interactive software, where the end user is purchasing your software, which happens to contain our model, rather than the models themselves.   


Are your 3D models rigged?

Yes, we offer both un-rigged and rigged versions of our models. The rig is a fairly basic one, allowing for simple poses, such as walk cycles. The current rigged version (V9) does not support functionality such as breathing or heartbeating. The rigged versions have been set up for the following software packages: Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and Cinema 4D. Rigged models can be found here.


Can I get a sample model before purchasing? 

Yes, we frequently assist customers with samples so that they can get an idea of how the model performs, and what they can expect when purchasing a license. Sample models cannot be used for any commercial use unless prior agreement has been given in writing. 


What if I buy the model, and then discover it's not quite right for me? Can I get a refund? 

Yes, absolutely. We wouldn't want you to feel that you'd purchased something that was of no value to your team. On the rare occasions that customers feel our models don't meet their expectations, we first begin by attempting to address their concerns with support, updates, or fixes to problems they might be experiencing. If these attempts are insufficient, then we are happy to proceed with a full refund. Issuing a full refund requires the customer to delete all copies of the model, and no work created with it may be used for any commercial purpose. Read more about our refund policy here.


What about future updates?

Purchasing a license qualifies one for perpetual updates to the model set that has been purchased. From time to time we publish updated versions, primarily focused on technical compatibility with software developments, but occasionally also anatomical upgrades. Access to the latest version is automatic - forever.  


Do I have to pay any royalties on content that I create and sell, such as a game or app? 

No, our models are sold royalty-free, which means once you've purchased a license (a once-off payment), you never have to worry about further payment obligations.


Do you offer after-sales support on your 3D models? 

Yes, we do. We're always happy to offer guidance on how best to use our models in your software, particularly if you've encountered a technical problem. Having said that, our support is akin to that of a car manufacturer. We're happy to help solve technical problems, but the buyer should already know the basics of how to drive a vehicle. In our case, it's highly recommended that teams making us of our 3d models have at least one person who is familiar with 3D/game engine software in order to make the most of the content. 


Do you offer student or educational discounts?

Yes, we do. If you're interested in using our models in an educational setting, please get in touch to discuss discounted pricing. sales@plasticboyanatomy.com 


Got a question that we haven't addressed here?

Please email us and we'll get back to your shortly (normally within 24 hours).